“After nearly 30 years of total anonymity with my previous medical indemnity insurer this was like a breath of fresh air.
Significantly lower premiums with comparable cover and exceptional personal service; the broker difference . Most highly recommended."
Howard M - Senior Staff Specialist - Department of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine,   Alfred Health 

 "I've taken a look at the quote for Indemnity from XXXX, and it is virtually half that of XXX! I don't know how they can do it, other than tailoring their premiums according to the Specialist and degree of risk associated as outlined in that article you sent to me. I am still astonished at the difference.
Anyway, after sleeping on it, I see no reason not to go ahead with the quote with XXX that you offered."
Dr G C. Anaesthetist

"All good Mark, You and Charles have been entirely professional throughout the process.
I have made the break with XXXXX  and the transition has been smooth."
Stuart  T General Practitioner - Melbourne

"The policy looks better than my previous cover and the premium is significantly cheaper as it is priced based on my low-risk profile (unlike others). Great service too, Thanks" 
Dr R... - Anaesthetist - Melbourne 

"Finally a friendly, accessible and communicating group with fairer judgment of risk profile that does not stymie personal development"
DR X - Survey responder

"Thank you for your assistance, the premiums were attractive"
Dr K - Nuerosurgeon 

"The policy looks better than my previous cover and the premium is significantly cheaper"
Dr X - Survey responder 

"Personalised care, the human touch... I am not just talking to a frontline clerk"
Dr X - Survey responder 

"Excellent service, good price"
Dr X - Survey responder 

"One of the best indemnity polices in the market with a very strong underwriter at the best price with very good service to back it up"
Dr X - Survey responder ‚Äč